ON SAFARI IN AFRICA (101 things to know when you go)

On Safari in Africa is unlike any other travel guide to Africa. This is not a "where to go, where to stay, what to see" style of travel guide, rather, it is more a travel companion that aims to pick up where your Africa Travel Specialist leaves off (and even acts as your safari guide along the way). Along with pre-departure infortmation, packing and travel tips it is also a comprehensive insight into the wildlife, landscapes, people and issues that surround the safari world.

Aimed at both first time travellers to Africa as well as those who have been on safari before, On Safari in Africa is prefaced on the notion that the more you know about a subject the more you will come to fully appreciate it - the more you learn, the more your fascination grows. On Safari in Africa seeks to heighten that fascination, and in so doing, enhance the safari experience.

On Safari in Africa has been designed to illustrate just how you can get more out of your safari to Africa. The process starts with some background on Africa; provides a checklist of what you need to do before you leave home; takes you through what to expect on safari, including safari jargon and your safari guide; teaches you the nuances of learning to observe and question all that you see and hear; explains what we know about the habitats and animals you will encounter, their behaviour and physiology; provides you with a wealth of interesting facts about the wildlife; and introduces you to many other aspects of an African safari including birding, trees, insects and wildflowers and the night sky. A reference section contains greetings and useful phrases in a variety of African languages, photographic tips, animal checklists, spoor charts, country maps and finishes with a comprehensive glossary of safari terms and definitions.

On Safari In Africa picks up where your travel agent leaves off. With your safari itinerary and air tickets in hand, it is time to purchase your copy of On Safari In Africa.

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Now available either in paperback or as an ebook on iPad and Kindle

The REVISED & UPDATED version of ON SAFARI IN AFRICA is once again available in PAPERBACK from $29.99 (search on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble or Bokus) as well as an ebook for the Kindle from Amazon.com at only $9.95 or for the iPad from iTunes at only $9.99.

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Highlights include:

      - Travel tips and advice before you leave home -
      - What to expect (and what to avoid) on safari -
      - Safari jargon and your safari guide -
      - Interesting facts about the wildlife, landscapes and the people of Africa -
      - Explanations of animal behaviour, social structure and communication -
      - The art of observing (and questioning) -
      - An introduction to birding, trees, insects and Africa's night sky -
      - Conservation issues affecting Africa today -
      - Photographic tips & traps -
      - Greetings & useful phrases for use on safari -
      - Animal checklists, spoor charts and country maps -
      - Illustrated with over 50 wildlife sketches and diagrams by William Sykes -