Special Occasions & Celebrations

When we reach certain milestones in our lives, or have special occasions to celebrate, we will often search for places that we have yearned to visit (or to return to) in which to mark such a momentous event. Africa is very often one of these locations. This might be an anniversary, 50th or 60th birthday, reunion of old friends and/or colleagues or just an excuse to be somewhere special to celebrate or recognise a particular time (or event). In all such occasions, the atmosphere is heightened when it can be private (and exclusive). Gatherings can range from as few as 6 or 8 people to perhaps two dozen or more. The locations and choices should reflect both uniqueness and style along with the ability to cater for such private occasions.

There is nothing we at African Encounter love more than to arrange a good party! Any cause for celebration and we are up to the challenge. To this end, our research is meticulous, and you can expect the delivery to exceed all expectations.

We have access to the most beautiful locations and accommodations imaginable, and together with your requirements / specific requests, we will endeavour to make your special occasion truly memorable. Whether it be a private villa on the archipelago’s of Mozambique, Lamu or Zanzibar, a hot air balloon ride over the open grass plains of the Masai Mara or Serengeti, a private banquet on the crater floor at Ngorongoro, a secluded lodge in a Big5 game reserve, or a private gorilla trek, Zambezi canoeing, or remote walking experience...just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Special Occasions & Celebrations

Birthdays (with family & friends)

Whether you, or your partner, parent or friend, are turning 30, 50, 65 or 75, or you just need a good excuse to get friends and family together, a safari destination is perhaps one of the most unique settings imaginable.

Private celebrations (exclusive, just for you)

Whatever your reason for getting together, we can arrange a private (and exclusive) celebration just for you (or your group). Let us find you that private safari house or exotic beach location for the occasion - remote wildlife or relaxing island bliss - the options are endless.

Weddings (location, location)

If you are looking for an exotic location to get married – Africa certainly fits the bill (and some!). Whether it is a romantic island wedding or a more in-depth cultural marriage ceremony that you are looking for – we can help.

Honeymoons (intimate seclusion)

Honeymooners – take your pick. Africa is a dream destination for you with almost all camps and lodges setting aside the very best suite just for you.

Reunions (old friends & colleagues)

Getting together with old friends or colleagues can be a logistical nightmare – let us worry about the details: all you have to do is turn up!

Anniversaries (celebration time)

Whether just for the two of you, or to celebrate with family and friends, we can find just the right location to get you all together to have a great anniversary celebration.

Who needs an excuse anyway?

Yes, an excuse would be nice (but is not compulsory). Let us know what you have in mind and we will work out the details. Simple. Go on...treat yourself!

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